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Author Bio

Leigh McKnight/Minnie Dix

Award winning and widely acclaimed author, Minnie Dix, writing as Leigh McKnight, entered the world of mainstream publishing with her novel, "From My Front Porch", followed by the sequel, "Sinners Never Sleep", published by Urban Books.

A South Carolina native, Dix/McKnight left her roots and moved to New York where she learned her craft from the best teachers in the writing world.  But, it was her position as production assistant for Reader’s Digest that taught her the business of writing and in the years that followed, her novels surged to the forefront and put her on the world stage.  Dix/McKnight has written a number of other books; fiction, short romantic stories, humor and books for children.

Along with Dix/McKnight accomplishments, her first novel, "From My Front Porch," was self-published in September of 1997 and was on "The Book Shelf" of Ebony Magazine, August of 1998.  In 2006, Urban Books bought the rights to that 400 plus page book and signed Dix/McKnight to a two-book contract. The two books are "From My Front Porch" and "Sinners Never Sleep".

Although writing is the love of her professional life, she is careful to balance work with the pleasure of life’s simple things; a quiet moment with her own romantic hero, laughing with family and friends and traveling – knowing that when it is all said and done, it is the joy we bring into other people’s lives that will be remembered long after we have gone.